daewoo solar s130lc-vtrack chain assembly doosan solar S140lc-v excavator steel track link assembly

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Min. Order 1 piece
Terms of Payment all
Update Time 2018-08-02
Item specifics
Place of OriginFujian, China (Mainland)
Brand NameFudea
Model Numberdoosan track link
Material40Mn/40SiMnTi doosan track link
QualityHeat-treated,HRC40-55 doosan track link
ColorsBlack or yellow doosan track link
TechniqueForging/casting doosan track link
FinishingSmooth doosan track link
certificationISO9001-2008 doosan track link
HARDNESS28-33(Core) 48-56(Surface) doosan track

Product Detail

Hot sale quality chain and sprocket

Quick Details

  • Place of Origin: Fujian, China (Mainland)
  • Brand Name: Fudea
  • Model Number: doosan track link
  • Material: 40Mn/40SiMnTi doosan track link
  • Quality: Heat-treated,HRC40-55 doosan track link
  • Colors: Black or yellow doosan track link
  • Technique: Forging/casting doosan track link
  • Finishing: Smooth doosan track link
  • certification: ISO9001-2008 doosan track link
  • HARDNESS: 28-33(Core) 48-56(Surface) doosan track link

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging DetailsWith Strong Wooden Pallet Package. doosan track link

Daewoo solar s130lc-vtrack chain assembly doosan solar S140lc-v excavator steel track link assembly


40Mn2  50Mn




Black or yellow


Forging casting

Surface Hardness

HRC52-60 ,deepth:4mm-10mm

Warranty time

2000 hour



FOB Price

FOB Xiamen USD 50-450/Piece


2 piece

Delivery Time

Within 30 days after contract established

Track linkR200     50L171
Track linkPC120-5   42L175
Track linkSK100    43L171
Track linkDH55    40L135
Track linkSH120    44L171
Track linkPC60-5    42L135
Track linkPC60-6   38L154
Track linkD50    49L175
Track linkR55     40L135
Track linkPC200-5    45L190
Track linkPC200-5    49L190
Track linkHD700     48L190
Track linkPC400-2    47L216
Track linkPC300-6   45L216
Track linkCATE320    45L190
Track linkCATE320    46L190
Track linkEX300-1    47L203
Track linkEX200-1    48L175
Track linkEX60    37L154
Track linkEX100    43L171
Track linkEX200-5    46L190

20T-32-0014012.538130PC40-7 PC45-1
201-32-00131,10G-32-0011112.542169PC60-3/5   D20
 12.542140YC85   XCG88
9068163;909617014.337178EX60 EX60-2/3
201-32-0030014.338170PC60-6/7 PC75UU
11G-A70-001314.341268D31P   SD08
202-32-00114 43281PC100-2
202-32-00131,11G-A74-0012 46300PC100U-2 PC100(120)-3 D31PLL
24100J116939F116.441295SK100 SK100-3/5   SK110
24100J12245F5 43310SK120-2/3 SK130
9071452 47470EX100M EX150LC-1
C24500200;093-191916.439310MS110 E110   K904B
9K9129 40318D4D
099-5398;4I7479;9092929;9091948 41326E110B 311 EX100-1/2/3/5 S40 LS2600 K904NⅡ YC135
099-0648;4I7480;1469I75;91091951 43342E120 E120B 312B 312 EX120-1 SH100 HD450 HD500 HD550 K904B-LC
932015;9092932;9138747;KNA039 44350E140 SH120 LS2650 EX120-2/3/5 EX130H-5
C34501201 45358MS110L EL120B
2S757916.440425D6B 951
T90.34.00016.439425T100 T90
1082-00060 50545R200 R210 SE210
83E1-2502;1082-00100 54588R200LC R210LC R210LC-2 SE210LC
202-32-0020116.440268PC100-5/6 PC120-5
203-32-00101 42282PC120LC-5 PC120-6 PC130


Caterpillar: E70B/E110/E120B/E215/E235/E307/E311/E312/E322/E180/E240/E200B/E320/E300 E300B E330/E325

Daewoo: DH55/DH200/DH220/DH280

Hitachi: EX30/EX40/EX60/EX100/EX120/EX200/EX220/EX270/EX300/EX400/EX600/UH043/UH052UH053/UH07/UH081/UH082/UH083

Fiat-Hitachi: FH120/FH130/FH150/FH200/FH220/FH270/FH300

Hyundai: R55/R60/R70/R80/R110/R130/R150/R200

Kato: HD140/HD250/HD400/HD450/HD550/HD700/HD820/HD850/HD880/HD900/HD1220/HD1250

Kobelco: SK40/SK60/SK100/SK120/SK200/SK220SK04-2/SK07/SK07N2/SK09/SK12/SK14/SK300/SK310/SK400

Mitsubishi: MS110/MS120/MS180/MS230/MS280   

Sumitomo: SH70/SH100/SH120/SH160/SH200/SH260/SH265/SH280/SH300/SH340/LS2650/LS2800 LS3400/LS4300

Bulldozer: CAT/D3/D3C/D3L/D3D/D4/D4C/D4D/D4H/D5/D6/D6C/D6D/D6H/D7/D7G/D8K/D8N

Komatsu: D20/D30/D31/D37/D40/D41/D45/D50/D53/D57/D58/D60/D63/D65/D68/D75/D80/D85/D95/D135/D150/D155/D375

Hot sale quality chain and sprocket

 We are the professional manufacturer of excavator bucket and ripper, export to many

countries,such as:Australia, UAS, UK, Russia, Ukraine, India, Sri Lank, Dubai, Iran, Sudan,

Algeria, South Africa,Viethnam,Ecuador, Chile, and so on.Also some special buckets can be

make, such as: Tilt bucket, Ripper,Grab, Quick coupler, V Drain bucket, Mud bucket, Dustpan

bucket, Clamshell bucket, Skeleton bucket, Ripper bucket, etc. We can design bucket as

customer request and make as your drawing.

Advantage /Feature:

1. Available in various width to suit all makes and model of excavator and job applications,

2. We can produce the single or multiple order in a high quality, fast turnaround time frame

3. Our quality is tired and tested in China and we are proud to serive our customs in China

   and  worldwide.

Hot sale quality chain and sprocket